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Fuck Your Box

Shay and Stefanos

Get out of the box and create your own unique power exchange dynamic! This class is about breaking away from “traditional” D/s or M/s to formulate relationship models and protocols that are unique to YOU. Stefanos & Shay will draw from their years of experience in an unconventional D/s relationship to discuss & demonstrate the use of creative protocols to establish headspace for a scene, including applying the concept of “flow” to make your scenes soar. They will start with verbal protocols, focused on manners of address and communicating within the “mood” of your dynamic (particularly from the s-type’s perspective). Next, they’ll cover physical protocols, with a focus on position training. The class is peppered with insights gleaned from positive psychology and applying relationship research to D/s, because science is sexy!

Rub One Off-Boot blacking for service

Boy Lynn

Imagine sitting at someone’s feet with their boots on you while you service them, the boots. Maybe them them later...

Are you all business? Service is about the perfectly blacked boot.

Are you all play? Service is about giving a sexy rub down.

Are you somewhere in between?

Discussing positions, touch, sensuality and basic bootblacking skills we will figure out your particular style of bootblacking service.

Come ready to have fun, get greasy and rub one off. 

Positions Training

Shay and Stefanos

“Present! Ready! Kneel! Expose! Expose Ass! Apology!” If you pictured yourself (or your sexy s-type) going through those positions and got excited, this class is for you! Position training has many variations – it can be used to initiate and build a D/s dynamic, to create sadistic predicaments, or as a “dance” of connection between partners (to name just a few!). Stefanos and Shay will discuss and demonstrate specific example positions (like the ones listed above), as well as variations like numbered positions and use of signals. They will also demonstrate types of position training scenes, from yelling out orders like a drill sergeant (with severe punishments for fuck-ups) to delicately guiding a cherished pet through a postures performance. Interactive activities will help you focus on individualizing these positions and scene types to your own personal turn-ons, limitations, interests, and dynamics.

Under the Ash-How to give and receive cigar service

Boy Lynn

Heat, smoke, ash and fear are the erotic dimensions of cigar play. Come to discuss the basics of cigar play and types of cigar service. Play with no risk, doing cigar maintenance, or play with high risk, getting ash directly from the cigar into your mouth. Everyone who has an interest in cigars can have fun with cigar service. Come learn about the fun, the risky and the risqué of cigars.

The Strong Submissive Man

Hagen and Anders

Too often, submissive men are judged as meek or self-loathing weaklings. Forget the stereotype and join Anders and Hagen as they tackle the myths while modeling the strength and dignity of male submission can bring. Learn to bravely explore your submissive urges with confidence and pride. There is honor in service for those who are man enough to try it!

Are you?

The FIX is in: A Transformational Relationship Intensive

Relationship coach and power-exchange expert, Mistress Elliot invites anyone with power exchange or polyamorous relationship issues to join her for an informal question and answer session in the round. Participants are invited to share their personal relationship conundrums with the group and work with Mistress Elliot, her slaves Anders and Hagen along with class participants to discover experienced insight and workable solutions. Learn and grow with this successful Master Slave triad while connecting with your peers in this powerful experience of self-discovery.

The Mistress Experience

Mistress Elliott

Calling all female-identifying folk interested in exploring their “inner femdom”. This class is for beginners just looking to spice things up in the bedroom to the most commanding 24/7 TPE

Female Dominants. We’ll focus on the nature of female dominance and learn tips and tricks that any woman can use when topping a partner. Whether you’re just dipping your toes in the water or looking to add to your fierce Mistress toolbox - each participant will find this class to be useful, inspiring, and a total blast. Experience is not required. 


Shay and Stefanos

Shay and Stefanos will run individual Q+A sessions!! Bring your questions and prepare to be entertained!

(Re)Thinking Gender 

Lee Harrington

There are a lot of words out there for gender, sex, and sexuality nowadays. Join us as we dive in to look at definitions, disclosure, desire, discussions to have, and how to explore this gumbo pot of identity and expression. The assumptions around gender need a lot of work. What are our sexual and gender myths and truths? What do we want to do with our bodies? And how do you play with folks who are going through these journeys? Because you know what? We are ALL on a gender journey. Let’s get analytical, let’s get sexy, and let’s open our hearts as we (re)think gender.

Employing Effective Communication Skills in Your Dynamic

Mister-Blue and BlueFrost

We’ve all heard the old saying, “Communication is the key to a successful relationship.” However, how often do we take time to identify the integral parts of the communication process to actually make it happen? Sounds like a challenge? No worries. In this interactive class, we’ll provide tips and suggestions on how to effectively receive and deliver information, understanding what parts of the information work for you and your partner, and real-time information sharing on what has worked for others.

Open Hearts, Open Minds: Exploring "Alternative" Relationships

Lee Harrington

Modern romance dictates that a single individual should fulfill all of our needs – from sharing joys and fears, co-parenting and financial commitments, to sexual happiness, identity confirmation, and spiritual fulfillment. Is this fair? We will look into what relationships give us, then explore a wide variety of relationship structures that are being employed to have people fill all of their needs. Monogamy and serial monogamy are valid options, but what about polyamory, swinging, pre-arranged trysts, friends with benefits, or choosing to be our own life partner? How do we communicate in our relationships to make whatever structure we choose actually work, and we’ll look into issues like jealousy vs. envy, new relationship energy, and making each of our friends and partners feel like the unique person they are in our lives.

Round table

Master Seykou and Slave Luna

Come, bring your questions and be prepared to be engaged in an amazing conversation with Master Seykou and Slave Luna.

This Female Master 

Master Patricia

This is an exploratory look into Mastery and the personal growth in discovering self-Mastery. What do people mean by “Doing the Work” or “Doing the heavy lifting”? Master Patricia has taken deliberate experiences on her journey of Mastery and is sharing her story. This presentation is her interpretation of: motivations, values, connections, commutations, and gratitude. Looking at

your own personal yardstick to and taking personal inventory of where we are in life and where you are on the Mastery journey. This presentation is geared toward those called be on the left side of the slash. 


Master Patricia

Protocols, where do they come from? Who makes them? When do we use people love or hate protocols and the purpose they serve in our lifestyle. They can become your very own language of love, whether done in private or public it can be extremely erotic or a blatant acknowledgment of your relationship. Most importantly, learn how to make your own protocols, be it for a scene or for adding something special to your relationship. Come discover this and more.

How to be a Kick Ass Poly Parent

Cassie and Rigel

Are you poly? Do you or your partner(s) have kids? If so, you’ve probably run into your share of questions: Should you tell your children about your partners? If so, when – and how – and how much? How do you explain the relationship to schools, and sports teams, and other family members? What do you do when a child is attached to a partner that you break up with?

We’ve been poly parents for eleven years. During this class we’re going to answer these questions, and more

Plus, we’ll discuss our three principles for being a kickass poly parent, and the impact that being out can have on your kids. 

Chasing Unicorns-The Miss behind the Myth

Cassie and Rigel

We have all heard of unicorns, mythical creatures that enchant many but have been seen by only a few. No, we are not talking about the magical horse like beast with a horn, but the even more mystical being: the hot, bi, (usually female) single who is in search of a couple to sleep with, play with or join in a relationship with. Some believe these creatures only exist in fairytales, but in this class we're are going to prove the skeptics wrong!

Taught by a couple who has actually played, slept with, and had long term relationships with various "unicorns" over the last several years. This class will be discussing finding a third partner, figuring out what type of relationship you and your current partner want to have with this person and most importantly how to treat them with respect while meeting the needs of everyone involved.

Self proclaimed unicorns or those who are just interested in the possibility of joining a couple someday are welcome too! As stated by one of our previous attendees, “there are many unicorn hunters but few unicorn keepers.” We will be going over the positives and negatives of joining a couple, what to look for, and warning signs to pay attention to.

Preparing Yourself for a New Dynamic

Mister-Blue and BlueFrost

For a structure to be deemed stable, the foundation must first be solid. The basics to building a new relationship starts with the individual identifying areas where personal improvement may be advantageous to a new relationship. These basics will help promote relationship stability. Please join us in a discussion on the many ways we as individuals can prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even financially before entering a new relationship.

Of Mommies and Madams-Keeping it Kinky After Kids 

Cassie and Rigel

Let’s face it; living with kids in the house is not exactly beneficial to carrying on a dynamic of kink or power exchange in your home. Life is fundamentally one big balancing act, and in few places is the need for balance as apparent as in trying to reconcile these two utterly important and yet seemingly incompatible parts of our lives. Is it possible to keep your lifestyle hidden from your kids (and should you)? Can play and sex continue like before? Is honesty really the 


Master Seykou and Slave Luna

Why We Do What We Do looks inside the secondary gain from acts often associated with our chosen paths. This discussion delves inside the mindset of protocol rituals and play. Does one engage in S&M for purely physical gratification or is there possibly more? "Degradation" "objectification" "humiliation" "service" are terms often thrown about superficially, but is there a deeper meaning? Join us as we look inside what it is we do and ask, why?

My Dynamic is Not Your Dynamic.......and That's OK!

Master David and slave brynn

Have you ever been confronted with questions about your role in the dynamic? Has someone told you that your bottom isn’t a real submissive/slave/pet/etc, or that you can’t possibly be a Dominant/Master/Daddy/Etc? Have you ever wondered if you are doing your dynamic “correctly?” If so, please join Master David and slave brynn as we discuss these and many other questions. We will share our stories of learning to accept who we are, and the roles we fill in our dynamic. Our hope is that you will leave this class ready to tell the world “my dynamic is not like your dynamic… and that’s ok.”

Accepting Surrender: Master a slave That is not Submissive

Master David

 Is your slave one of the many who possess the A-type personality? Are they leaders, outgoing, or constantly on the go? Do you feel like there times that they need to be held back for their own good?

If so, please join Master David as he shares his experiences in learning how to work with a slave who is a leader in the vanilla world. He will dive into what worked for him, and give you tips and tricks for putting their natural skills and tendencies to use. The goal is for you to leave with ideas on how to work with their skills, instead of against them, and to support your slave as they find themselves through their surrender.

Choosing Surrender: Being a slave That is not Submissive

slave brynn

Are you a submissive or slave that is used to being the boss? Do you thrives in environments that challenge you, and push you to complete tasks that may seem overwhelming? Do you feel like you are not submissive? Do you struggle with feeling like you don’t fit the mold of what a “good slave” should be?

If any of this sounds familiar, slave brynn invites you to join her as she talks about her experiences in learning how to yield when it doesn’t always feel natural. She will dive into what worked for her as she navigated the journey from struggling with self-doubt to embracing the slave within.

Present Over Perfect

Mister-Blue and BlueFrost

We're all imperfect and fall short of expectations at times. This discussion will examine how being present in your dynamic trumps being perfect. Let’s delve into how to gain and maintain balance while practicing forgiveness, overcoming inner fears and insecurities, and promoting longevity in your dynamic

Not All Daddies Are Created Equal

Sir Aaron and SubversiveSwitch

You don’t have to identify as an age-player to enjoy the fuckery of Daddies using taboo for fiery play. Please join Sir Aaron and SubversiveSwitch as they discuss how they play with degradation, humiliation, and dark age play in their Daddy/girl dynamic. This class is intentionally gender inclusive.

The Adventures of Brian and Stewie

Daddy Griff

How Much is That Doggy in the Window: In this class, we will explore the basics of puppy play and what it means to our community. As puppy play has changed from the traditional D/s interaction where puppy has been a form of degradation, the culture has blossomed into a new incarnation with new dynamics forming each day. We will examine social and personal interaction, along with, learning how puppy play can strengthen your intimate relationship.

Organizational Power Exchange

Sir Horror

Organizational Power Exchange

These are some of my favorite things! Master/slave and other power exchange relationships require a great deal of things to function properly. The least examined, in my opinion is the organization that is necessary. How to remember all the rituals and protocols. Keep track of preferences. Keep track of progress. How to organize your time. What are some of the tools that help us in our daily life to make it all less chaotic.

Community Healing Workshop/Ritual 


With all that is going on in our lives from a personal to community to national to global scale, many of us are feeling pain and hurt. Moving through the pain and hurt towards healing isn't always easy. xiaoyi will be leading and guiding a ritual during this time to help those who are ready to work on healing themselves in this interactive time. xiaoyi's experience focuses on one-sided healing because there are times when what we crave from those who have hurt us that would help us heal is simply not available to us for one reason or another. This ritual will focus on each of us as individuals and on our own healing and healing process.

Distance makes the slave Heart Grow Stronger 

Sir Aaron and SubversiveSwitch

Whether you travel for work or live in different time zones, distance can wreak havoc on dynamics. Join Sir Aaron and SubversiveSwitch as they share workable...and not so workable... solutions from their experience. This class is intended for any dynamic that routinely spends more than two nights a week apart.