2019 Presenters

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Stefanos and Shay

Stefanos & Shay are a vivacious, unconventional D/s couple with over a decade of experience educating, hosting, performing, and advocating together in the BDSM community. Classes they present are known for being entertaining (they've been called "better than a Vegas act") and also packed with useful and applicable information. They identify as purveyors of perversion, pan-sexual, polyamorist, playsluts, and alliteration fetishists!

Lee Harrington

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Lee Harrington is an internationally known sexuality, relationships, and personal authenticity educator. Having taught in all 50 states and in 6 countries, he brings a combination of playful engagement and thoughtful academic dialogue to a broad audience. An award-winning author and editor on gender, sexual, and sacred experience, his books include “Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Journeys,” and "Sacred Kink: The Eight fold Paths of BDSM and Beyond," among many other titles. He has been blogging online since 1998, and been teaching worldwide since 2001. Welcome to his world, and your chance to expand your mind and heart alike.

Master Seykou and Slave Luna 


Master Seykou Nia is a devout Leatherman and Patriarch of the House of Nia based out of Denver, Colorado. Master Seykou, and slave Luna began their journey together in 2011 and soon found themselves on the Leather path, never looking back. His formal training includes intensive study under the Masters of the MTTA Academy, formal mentorship with the House of Blue, leaning from both Mister Blue and also His Blue Frost. Many others served as guides and silent role models via their conduct and candid conversations.

Their core philosophy is based on Nia, which means Purpose. Simply, "find your center and operate from there on all you do." The House of Nia seeks to increase the strength of the collective by empowering the individual. Standing “Shoulder to shoulder and Hide to hide” (a phrase coined by Master Seykou Nia in 2016) with their fellow Leather-Folk regardless of indication, sexual orientation, or gender. They seek to actively embody those attributes that some would label "traditional" Leather values and others - simply best human practices. Courage, honor, respect, transparency, integrity and authenticity- but also tolerance and inclusiveness. This has helped Master Seykou Nia and his House gain respect and recognition within the community, including receiving his Masters’ cover from peers and an admired Leatherman in 2016 at Denver's Thunder in the Mountains.

Master Seykou Nia and slave Luna Nia are proud to represent their home state as the Colorado Master and slave 2016-18 and represented it in Phoenix for the regional title in 2017. Together they created the monthly Lighthouse BDSM Community Phone In where they both facilitate discussions and present on various topics related to M/s dynamics and other BDSM lifestyle topics, often featuring guests from a wide spectrum of the community.

slave Luna is encouraged to express her open, honest and transparent heart and authentic self to support those in need. 

Their House travels extensively throughout various communities to participate in both Leather and non-Leather lifestyle events in which they participate in or lead discussions and work to facilitate growth in the M/s journeys of others. Their most recent endeavors include being a cofounding family of LHOCC, Leather Houses of Color Coalition, an organization dedicated to assisting others to create or enhance their existing Leather households led by Persons of Color. The House of Niais currently a board member of LHOCC.

Master Seykou and slave Luna focus their interests in furthering their connection with the local kink community and establishing links nationally. Cementing gaps between segments of our vast BDSM community through fellowship is an aim. They remain receptive to learning all ways to further their journey both in the M/s community and in Leather. They believe in learning so that they may teach and seek refinement of their skill-sets that they might be an example to those seeking answers.

Master David and slave brynn

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Master David is a Leatherman, a sadist, a mentor, and an educator. He is the founding director of MAsT: Bakersfield, part of the leadership for the Bakersfield BDSM Munch group, and a member of MAsT: North Hollywood and the Bakersfield Dominant Discussion Group.

slave brynn identifies as a slave, a little, a bootblack, and a leather girl. She currently serves as secretary for MAsT: Bakersfield, secretary/treasurer of the San Joaquin girls of Leather, and is an active member of Bakersfield Bottoms Club, MAsT: North Hollywood, and Hard Pink Sisterhood.

Master David and slave brynn are passionate mentors, educators, and proud representatives of the Master/slave dynamic. They have had the privilege of presenting on a wide range of topics all over the country at events including Northwest Leather Celebration, GLLA, and Southwest Leather Conference. They are honored to serve as the 2019 International Master and slave titleholders.

Boy Lynn

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boy Lynn is a queer leatherboy bootblack from the San Francisco Bay Area. They have a passion for informed consent, bottoms education, play that makes you say “ouch” the next day and hedonistic sluttery. boy Lynn is a founding member of San Francisco Bay Area BootLab and International BootLab which are groups focused on knowledge sharing and community building between bootblacks. In addition to being part of the Mr SF Leather, SF Bootblack den staff, boy Lynn has taught throughout the country.

Mistress Elliot, Hagen, and Anders 

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This unlikely triad lives in dedication to each other and their 24-7, female-led, power-exchange relationship, working to advance & advocate for the equal rights of consenting adults in the BDSM/Leather and Polyamorous communities. Mistress Elliot has a special passion for introducing women to the power of the Feminine while Anders and Hagen work to smash the stereo-type of the “subby” male, proving that strong and powerful men can find dignity & honor in service. They travel widely, teaching the many ways to play with pleasure and pain while emphasizing the importance of effective communication in making the kinky life one worth living. 

Daddy Griff

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Griffyn Ap Owain (Daddy Griff) is IPTC Puppy Trainer 2018, and Rocky Mountain IPTC Puppy Trainer 2017. Residing in Denver Colorado, Griffyn is a member of Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance, Rocky Mountain Pet Alliance, and Denver Puppies and Handlers. He is a big proponent of volunteerism and community service, always striving to build bridges. Share your stories, is his motto.

Though this we as a community and those that interact with us can create a better understanding and bond with those around us.

His journey in the kink community started over 30 years ago as a young man coming out in the gay bars of Europe, where his eyes opened, and he jumped in the lifestyle head first. While he enjoys many different kinks, from fire to impact play, his two favorites are puppies and food. If you can create a scene incorporating both, you just might have his heart. Griffyn is currently an event manager at Denver's Performing Art Complex while not in school where he is pursuing a degree in Fine arts. His goal is to be known as one of the leaders in the art world and recognized for his expression as a queer kink artist.

Master Patricia

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Master Patricia began her public BDSM journey in 1999 in Tucson Arizona. She is a founding member of Desert Dominion and has served on the governing council in several positions including the President. Master Patricia is the current Owner of MAsT – Tucson (Master And slaves Together), the curator of the Leather Quilt (west), and Ms. Southwest Olympus Leather 2012. She is also the Producer of the Southwest Person of Leather, held in Tucson, AZ at Behind Closed Doors.

She was the coordinator for the first fetish ball held in Arizona, and she continues to support various events and clubs throughout the southwest region. In honoring her fondness to teach and mentor new people in the lifestyle she has expanded her teaching to local colleges and universities throughout the Southwest region.

Master Patricia has been a Butchmanns Experience Instructor since 2007; currently, she is the Executive Director of Butchmanns Experience. She has a passion for power sensitive relationships based on personal growth, trust, respect and commitment to act with accountability for one’s actions.

Mister-Blue and BlueFrost

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Mister-Blue and BlueFrost are the 2018 International Master/slave and 2017 Northeast Master/slave titleholders. They are the Head Master and Mistress of the House of Blue (HOB) based in Southern Maryland. Mister-Blue is also a Board member of MTTA, which produces the Master-slave Conference and MTTA Academy in Washington, DC (www.MTTA.info), and Board member of the Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC - pronounced "lock" www.LHOCC.org) of which BlueFrost is cofounder and visionary.

Respect, Honor, Integrity, Duty, Selfless Service, Loyalty, and Personal Courage are the Army’s core values of LDRSHIP which the HOB follows as they serve the Leather community near and far. As the House motto is “Trust, Respect, and Obedience”, the HoB requires nothing less than excellence in their service to self and community as they continue to remain a shining example alongside their peers.

Cassie and Rigel

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Cassie is polyamorous, dominant, queer, and a full-time relationship coach. Since 2008 she’s been helping poly folks create extraordinary relationships while a falling back in love with each other. Cassie has been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post, The Atlantic, and Men’s and Women’s Health, and has taught at conferences and colleges across the US. Cassie and her partner Josh are the founders of Touch of Flavor, an organization that provides practical relationship advice for polyamorous and kinky folks. They co-host a weekly podcast of the same name. Cassie lives in Maryland with her nesting partners Amanda and Josh, their teenaged son, a lovable but goofy Great Dane, and a cat with a bad attitude.

Josh is a kinky, polyamorous, switch who loves a struggle. He’s been teaching and presenting on kink and polyamory since 2008. Josh and his partner Casse are the founders of Touch of Flavor, an organization that provides practical relationship advice for polyamorous and kinky folks. They co-host a weekly podcast of the same name. Josh lives in Maryland with his nesting partners Cassie and Amanda, their teenaged son, a lovable but goofy Great Dane, and a cat with a bad attitude.

Sir Horror

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SirHorror is a transgender, dominant leatherman. He lives in Dallas, TX with his property840. SirHorror has been an active member of the DFW leather and kink scene since 2011 and has practiced authority transfer and power exchange since 2004. His passions include protocol, education, authority transfer, gender, sexuality, and polyamory. He founded The Butterfly Effect, a DFW based queer leather family focused on authority transfer ideology as well as advocacy and education. His leather family runs the DFW munch Pragmatically Kinking.

Sir Aaron and SubversiveSwitch

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Sir Aaron (he/him/his) and SubversiveSwitch (she/her/hers) live in a 24/7 Daddy/girl authority-transfer dynamic in Salt Lake City, UT. SubversiveSwitch is proud to serve as Ms. Leather SL❤️UT 2019. Sir Aaron and SubversiveSwitch met through CollarMe in 2006 and maintained a flirtatious friendship until they were briefly involved in 2008. They stayed friends and years later, decided to catch up over a drink...and they have been inseparable as Master and slave ever since. They are active in their local community and have presented at MAsT: SLC and ThePath. Their perfect weekend would include practicing walking protocols at the Farmer’s Market, CNC play in the dungeon, breaking bread with their leather family, and sharing a drink and cigar while their German Shepherd sleeps on the deck. 


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xiaoyi is a slaveheart and bootblack at large. She teaches about consensual slavery, bootblacking, BDSM, relationships, poly and many other topics. She is most fulfilled in a 24/7 TPE style relationship. She is poly-play and omni-sensual. She loves ,leather, costuming, pain and protocols. She flags orange and Leather Worship.

xiaoyi’s mission is to help create understanding and acceptance among people for each to learn and grow and be as they are. She works to do this through education and demystification. She serves her community before herself without forgetting to care for herself. She is a lifestyle coach and mentor who openly shares of her journey in hopes that she might help others who face similar challenges.

Seldom shy or at a loss for words, xiaoyi enjoys deep philosophical, spiritual and religious discussions. She does not retreat from difficult topics or hesitate to admit she doesn’t know something. She is often working at events, but when she has a spare moment to follow her passion, she will most often be found in her dress or stripped down, caring for someone’s leather. She has no problems switching between elegant hedonist and bootblack because for her, blacking is hedonistic.