This week will be posting information about some of the resources available in Colorado and beyond!!

So even if you can't join us this weekend hopefully some of these resources can help connect you.

Hard Pink Sisterhood

The HP Sisterhood (HPS) is a women’s support group for those that appreciate, support, protect and celebrate the female presence in the Leather, M/s,D/s,Kink and BDSM lifestyle.

HPS strives to educate, mentor, serve, support and fellowship together within the community.

There is a place for all sisters here; from those who give amazing hugs to those who have the energy to volunteer all day every day. We want your support and we want to support you. We rise by lifting others up.

Denver Cycle Sluts 

The Denver Cycle Sluts are Colorado’s longest-lasting camp-drag comedy performing ensemble. Since their glittery beginning in 1979, The Denver Cycle Sluts have always held one goal in mind – to raise money for charitable causes and to have as much fun as possible while accomplishing this mission!

Performing members dress in outrageous over-the-top costumes, brightly colored colossal wigs, outlandish over-sized eyelashes, and makeup so thick it’s often put on with a spatula. And don’t forget lots and lots of glitter! Considered the “Jesters” of the drag-world, The Denver Cycle Sluts thoroughly enjoy raising money for those in need.

To date, The Denver Cycle Sluts have raised more than $200,000 for such charitable organizations as animal shelters, children’s foundations, women’s shelters, crisis funds, AIDS-related outreach programs, and numerous GLBT programs and charities – just to name a few.

With no end in site, the Denver Cycle Sluts continue their reign as Denver’s Original Premier Camp-Drag Comedy Troupe.

MAsT Metro Denver 

MAsT is a support and education group for those interested in, or actively pursuing, a power or authority exchange relationship.

You do not have to identify as either a Master or slave to attend. You only need a respectful interest in understanding or exploring what this type of dynamic is and how you may incorporate it into your life.

You do not need to be in a relationship to attend. We welcome singles, couples, and poly.

We meet on the 1st Sunday of every month.

[email protected]


Advocating for an alliance of the regional leather, kink, fetish, and BDSM communities through outreach, social, and educational events.

Colorado Leather Fest

Founded in 2015, Colorado Leather Fest is a weekend educational event focused on lifestyle relationships. It is held in the Metro-Denver Colorado area, and features national and local presenters, classes, discussions, title contests, community events, and more.

Colorado Leather Fest is a pansexual event open to all people of any gender or gender identification, sexual orientation, race, or cultural or religious background, who have an interest in Leather or Authority Based Relationships as a lifestyle and culture.

Colorado Leather Fest does not focus on BDSM play skills and techniques and does not host a play party. Our event is centered on Leather/BDSM history and culture, a variety of relationship styles and the issues associated with them, and service skills found in Leather and M/s or D/s relationships and culture.

The Denver Sanctuary

The Denver Sanctuary is a PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP Social Club for folks who practice or are interested in the BDSM Lifestyle. At the Denver Sanctuary, we offer different events from play parties to meetings and discussion groups to classes and friendly social events. Membership is NOT required to attend any of the non-play party events at the club. If you want to attend a play party you must be a Full member or be guested in by a Full Member. Read below for information on how to obtain a membership.

Denver Ms. Kinky Scouts

Kink, Leather, Fetish, and BDSM are not solo sports. They are typically best experienced with a supportive community much like Denver Ms. Kinky Scouts. We are a lively group of women (persons who openly identify as female) working to provide a safe/supportive place for education, personal growth, and community enrichment every fourth Tuesday of the month.

If you would like to make new kinky friends while earning patches and helping the community, this is the group for you!


Den-PAH is a group for ALL Colorado puppies and handlers to come together to socialize and educate with those who share an interest in the puppy/handler lifestyle.